Hello there 👋

I’m Mustafa “Moose” Paksoy, a CTO Coach. I help CTOs at early-stage startups become better leaders and managers.

Past Engagements

  • Technical Leadership for the Reluctant Manager: Designed and taught full-day workshops on technical leadership for technical founders and early engineers at seed-stage startups. Developed in partnership with early-stage VC fund Bloomberg Beta.
  • Technical Communications Design: Developed tech spec and communication templates for a client in order to assist their team of all-remote engineers communicate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Hiring Process: Designed end-to-end hiring and onboarding process for the first junior frontend hire on a team of experienced full-stack generalists.
  • React Migration: Guided client in the process of migrating from jQuery to React. Assisted in all aspects of the migration including re-writing build tooling to use Webpack, implementing sample components, and re-training the eng team on React and CSS.
  • Firebase Performance Tuning: Coached client through implementing fine-grained end-to-end application performance monitoring on Firebase using Honeycomb in order to performance tune critical code paths.


I learned how to code in middle school by building chatbots for my friends in a programmable chat client. In college, I studied Computer Science and worked as a sysadmin which taught me a lot about the practical side of software engineering.

I started my professional software engineering career at Salesforce.com working on search infrastructure and web performance (2007–2013). As an early engineer and engineering manager at Optimizely (2013–2015), I led the team that rearchitected the backend for Optimizely’s core analytics product. More recently, I helped start Horizons School of Technology, program that teaches full-stack application development to college students.

You can email me your comments and questions at moose@professormoose.com. I love hearing from you.